About Us
About Us

We're hungry for the best things in life: delicious food, exploring the city and bringing the first bite of food to our customers. Food bell is a multi-national, fast-growing business that maintains its appeal as a localised service with community ambition.

How it works:
  • ✓ Customers need not wait to get the physical menu or bill/change.
  • ✓ Digital menu attracts customers as it eliminates pandemic fear.
  • ✓ Customers can simply scan QR code on the table and access menu.
  • ✓ Significantly reduced wait times.
  • ✓ Language barrier is eliminated with QR code integrated menu.
  • ✓ No more standing in a queue at the bars, restaurants, hotels and beach hotels etc.
  • ✓ Customers stay updated with the order status.
  • ✓ Freedom of choosing payment method. Pay by cash or card.
Contact Us

To get the quickest response in case you need to:

  • Modify your order
  • General inquiries
  • You may contact us through our live chat.